Thursday 3 October 2013

Abraham's Faith

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّ حِيْمِ

Today we will reflect on one important lesson that Allah has preserved in the Holy Qur’an which demonstrates true reliance and submission to Him. 

Pharaoh had everything you could think about regarding material assets.  However none of those things saved him from the wrath of Allah.  On the contrary when Prophet Abraham (as) left Egypt and he was migrating with Prophet Lot (as); he gave Lot the option to chose firstly where he’d like to reside.  Lot selected the area that was very fertile and Abraham went on another route and look at the outcome. 

The people of Lot, because of their material blessings and acquisitions became so diverted and wayward that Allah destroyed most of them, (Sodom and Gomorrah).  On the other hand look at what Abraham did; he planted a small insignificant seed; that being Ishmael and his mother in Makkah.  And they came to rest there with no wealth, no property and no assets, but look at how Allah took care of them and caused them to grow.

This is important for us to keep in mind.  Some people believe that in order for you to be a righteous person you must have plenty of wealth in order to give charity, etc.  Whilst charity is important and beneficial, it does not only equate to material wealth.  You must have a good heart, you must be compassionate, and you must not harbour hate and malice and things of that nature.  These are things that are more valuable.  The lesson that we can take from Prophet Abraham is that of true submission.

Abraham had such faith in Allah that when he was young and the people decided to throw him into the fire; while he was being flung into the fire, Angle Jibril flew to him and asked ‘do you need any help’?  Abraham replied, ‘from you?  No, HasbiyAllahu wa nimal wakeel’ - Allah is my availed and protector and the best of aids.

And the fire had the opposite effect.  All those who gathered to look at Abraham’s fate were burnt to death because of the extreme heat from the fire, and inside the fire Abraham was so comfortable that he actually slept.  This is a real eye opener for the people at that time and even for us.  It demonstrates the work of Allah on one hand and the faith and trust in Him on the other. 

Prophet Lot selected the area he wanted to go to and Abraham gave no objections.  And look at who prospered and whose legacy lives on. 

Understand one thing; if you put your faith and trust firmly in your Lord, He will take care of you.  A lot of people can’t understand this.  They say you must have faith in Allah but you have to act.  This is true to an extent.  Allah says ‘and when the prayer is finished, then may ye disperse through the land, and seek of the Bounty of Allah: and celebrate the praises of Allah often (and without stint): that ye may prosper’.(62:10).  But we must understand that everything is dependent on Allah, even our ability to act.

Keep one thing in mind at all times; your Lord will never let you down if you have your faith and trust in Him.  Yes He will try you; Prophet Muhammad (pboh) is reported to have said ‘Verily if Allah loves a people He tries them (with trials”).  He will try us but we must beg Him to make the trials easy for us.

Abraham went through so many trials but he knew one thing that is Allah will never let Him down.  And he knew that creatures could not have helped him. 

We say this ever so often to remind ourselves that we must have true unwavering faith and trust in Allah. 

Look back at some of the trying issues you would have been faced with and look at how Allah resolved it; sometimes in manners that we may not have seen coming.  We don’t know; only Allah is All Knowing. 

Our spiritual exercises that we engage in every week will help us to strengthen our faith and reliance on our Lord.  Always remember whatever Allah has decreed for you will come to pass But as Prophet Muhammad (pboh) is reported to have said “Dua adverts decree”.  For example if a difficulty was decreed to you and you sincerely made dua Allah to alleviate and lessen the burden of trials the decree will comes to pass but in another dimension.  It can come to pass as a bad dream etc.

Dear friends, always remember that we have no say in our lives; it is only Allah that can help.  We can do such things that will help us as we go along, for example sending darood will bring barakat for you; if you give charity it can help you.Keep this in mind and remember if you live like this, with real faith in your Lord, He says

ö@t/ tbrãÏO÷sè? no4quŠysø9$# $u÷R9$# ÇÊÏÈ   äotÅzFy$#ur ׎öyz #s+ö/r&ur ÇÊÐÈ
Day (behold), ye prefer the life of this world; but the Hereafter is better and more enduring.  (87:16-17)

Some people interpret it to mean only the hereafter but here it means in this verse later in your life as well.  If you are trying to get close to your Lord; He will take care and never let you down. 

Getting close to Him also means getting peace of mind.  To understand that even though you are faced with tests and trials, Allah will open a way out of them for you and He knows what is best for us.

Abraham’s lesson is a lesson of faith, reliance and submission in Allah; no matter what the condition; and we sincerely beg Allah to grant us reliance and trust in Him just like His Khalilullah, insha Allah.
May Allah enable us to develop and culture true faith, trust and submission in Him, especially when we are faced with trying times and difficulties?  May Allah bless us all, guide us and always take care of our affairs, insha Allah. 

Transcript of discourse delivered by
Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed

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