Friday, 13 June 2008


Humility, sincerity and a clear understanding,
Were qualities of this simple man;
Whose mission was to keep reminding
Of obedience, to Allah's commands.

Although he had a humble beginning,
In poor Haleema's loving arm;
Her condition changed when she took him;
Then she led the caravan.

As an orphan he was always moving,
From one home to another;
Until he experienced Allah's Blessings,
When he married Khadijah.

He was extremely kind and loving,
Alike to friends and foe;
Generosity from him kept flowing;
He gave but not for show.

As a role model he kept showing
The way of success in life,
By appreciating Allah's blessings
And be willing to sacrifice.

He knew that health was a blessing,
Just like wealth and intellect.
That the material world was very tempting
Morality one should not neglect.

The principles of loving, sharing and caring,
Were always in his mind.
He never stopped what he was preaching
Of the brotherhood of mankind.

One day there'll be the gathering
Of all humanity
And then there'll be the judging
For a place in eternity.

He left with us a Book worth reading,
He was the best of models.
For anyone who may be seeking
A way to cross the hurdles.

O Prophet, on you be Allah's blessings
Up to eternity,
Because of you our hearts are getting
Peace and tranquillity.

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