Monday, 17 October 2016


 A lot of hopes and aspirations,
As he journeyed through life.
He gave much material considerations,
His family he sacrificed.


As time passed by each day,
He kept busy with his chores.
Many times he did not pray,
Always active behind doors.


One day to his surprise,
He felt dizzy and fell.
He was hearing loud cries,
As no one could have tell.


Everything changed suddenly,
As he stood there helplessly,
He is now exposed to reality,
And knows that this life is temporary.


Unable to change the situation,
He now began to repent,
He is in a bad situation,
As he thought of what he sent.


He became very frightened,
As the angel came to him.
His load could not be lightened,
His future looks very grim.


Too late too late is now his cry,
As he looked both front and back,
He let his chances passed by,
He has an empty sack.


Dr. Waffie Mohammed


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