Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Allah tells us in the Holy Qur’an that on the Day of Judgment, the mouths of human beings will be sealed, and the hands will testify against them and their feet will bear witness to what the hands will be saying. He says: 

The Day We shall set a seal on their mouths. And their hands will speak to Us; and their feet shall bear witness to all that they did. (36:65)

When the body does evil, it is doing so through the urges of the nafs without the co-operation of the ruh. In other words, it is just a part of the total personality that is involved.

Most of the physical actions, good or bad, are done with the hands. The hands give charity, help others, can commit evil, and can be lifted when making supplication.
Prophet Muhammad (pboh) indicated that we can stop evil with our hands, we can do things to benefit ourselves in this world and in the next; and we can give charity etc. with our hands.

The hands are the most useful of the external organs, as most of the physical actions are done with the hands. It is the only part of the body that can reach out to the other parts. It assists in the purification and in the performance of other task that the body may need to be done.

According to the science of palmistry, the records of a person’s past life are written in the palms of the hands; and information about the possibilities of events that are to take place in one’s life can be known, to some extent, on the basis of the lines etc. that are on both hands.

Allah tells us that one way of connecting to Him is with our hands. He says:

The Hand of Allah is over their hands. (48:10)

Allah wants Muslims to use their hands wisely so that they can build for themselves, through the use of their hands, a beautiful place in Paradise. He says:

Do not make your hands tied to your neck, (because of meanness), nor stretch it out to its utmost reach. (i.e. do not be extravagant. (17:29)

We all should thank our Lord for giving us an organ (our hands), something He did not give to the other creatures, and we should always make the best use of it.

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