Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Al Kauthar: A Divine Gift

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّ حِيْمِ

As a special blessing to the Believers in the Oneness of Allah and the Last Day, Allah gave to them, through His beloved Messenger Muhammad (pboh), Al Kauthar - abundance of good, generosity, overflowing.  Such a blessing was not given to any one before the coming of the Prophet (pboh) and will continue to benefit Muslims in this world and in the Hereafter.

The promise of Kauthar to the Prophet (pboh) was made when the Muslims were few in numbers and Allah had taken back the son of the Messenger, so the detractors of Islam were propagating the belief that Islam will die out after the Prophet’s demise, due to the fact that he was not leaving any male issue behind him to carry on his mission.

Perhaps, they were looking at the ways adopted by Father Abraham who prayed sincerely to the Lord to bestow on him a righteous son who was to preserve and propagate the noble mission he started.
The Kuffar were also conscious of the fact that the small number of Believers would be unable to effect economic and political change at that time. This situation could have been a cause for concern, had not Allah made it known that “truth will finally prevail over falsehood”. The Kuffar did not have the foresight to see that Islam was to spread all over the earth.

The Kuffar in Makkah at that time were thinking like the brothers of Joseph, who taught that Joseph was an insignificant little brother and they were a powerful group, so, if Joseph was put away their influence would have prevailed. That was not to be.

So the revelation of Al-Kauthar was an assurance to the Believers that the mission of the Prophet was not going to fail, and that anyone who accepted him as the Final Messenger, was to be successful in this world and in the next. This assurance continues even to this day.

The blessings conferred on the Prophet (pboh) through Kauthar are immense and numerous. Some are:

1.   Believers will be blessed upon entering Paradise as they will be given a drink from Al Kauthar which is a fountain by the gate of Paradise.
2.     Generosity and abundance flowed from the personality of the Prophet (pboh) while he was living amongst the people. For example, as soon as Haleema took him, she immediately felt her bosom was full of milk and she was able to nurse him and her son from then onwards. Also her sick donkey and old camel became energized and they led the homeward journey with the women whom they accompanied to Makkah.
3.     From the time Haleema went back home with him, her animals never suffered for lack of feed, as, her lands were always full of grass to feed her sheep and goats.
4.    The Prophet (pboh) provided many miracles of giving his followers water and even food at times from sources they did not know.
5.      Many companions were cured by the touch of the Prophet (pboh).
6.     All those who sent and are sending Darood and Salaams upon him are blessed in this life and will be blessed in the next.
7.    The Prophet (pboh) will light up the grave of all the believers when they are buried; as he will visit them; and because he is described by Allah as siraajun muneera their graves will not remain dark
8.    On the day of Qayamah he will be looking for those who truly maintained love for and will intercede on their behalf.

Believers should thank Allah for enabling them to be from amongst the brotherhood of those who will be happy to be part of the “spiritual family” of the Prophet (pboh).

Transcript of discourse delivered by

Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed

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