Friday, 10 February 2012

Text of lecture given by Dr. Waffie at the Penal Rock Road Masjid On the auspicious occasion of Meelad Un Nabi (04.02.2012)

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّ حِيْمِ

با سمه يا الله
اللهم صل علي محمد النبي الامي

My dear brothers and sisters; congratulation on you all for recognizing the greatness of Prophet Muhammad (pboh) by your assembling here tonight. I pray that Allah blesses us all immensely for associating ourselves with the personality of Prophet Muhammad (pboh) and may He cause us all to rise with the righteous on the Day of Accountability.

Brothers and sisters Allah surprised the angels when He informed them that He made man His representative on earth. Why, because this representative was a small piece of clay. The Greatness of Allah is not known to anyone. He is so Great and Mighty. His Capacity is limitless so how can a tiny piece of clay represent Him? Allah then gave the angels a little consolation by permitting Adam to demonstrate things that they couldn’t do.

We are all gathered here to celebrate the coming of Prophet Muhammad (pboh). In so many qaseedas the poets write so many beautiful things concerning him. Before we proceed I want to advise you not to get involved with those who constantly argue ‘haram, bi’dah, shirk’. Allah knows your intention. We worship Allah and also aim to get close to Prophet (pboh) and if you keep this in mind don’t worry about what the detractors say, because it is only Allah who can judge your intention.

With the coming of Prophet Muhammad (pboh) the term ‘Sunnah’ became popularized. What is the Sunnah of Prophet (pboh)? It encompasses his sayings, his actions and those things he gave consent to. The term Sunnah was not coined by him though, but by Allah. The Sunnah of Allah is those things that He engages in such as rewarding the His obedient servants. And Allah will never change his Sunnah.

Allah sent 124,000 Messengers on earth. So many generation of mankind came and went. But none of them had the capacity to manifest the Sunnah of Allah except Prophet Muhammad (pboh). Allah gave him unimaginable capabilities.

One of Allah’s Sunnah which we uphold is to send salaam on Prophet Muhammad (pboh). Allah says
“Verily Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! send ye blessings on him, and salute Him with all respect.” (33:56)

By sending salaam you are connecting yourself to the special blessing that Allah is sending upon Prophet Muhammad (pboh). And Allah out of His love for us allows us to benefit from the blessing being sent to Prophet (pboh) through the institution of Darood.

There is no doubt that Allah loves each and every one of you. Prophet Muhammad (pboh) once saw a mother being most loving to her baby. Upon seeing this Prophet Muhammad (pboh) told his companions “Allah loves his servants more than this mother loves her baby.”

Today unfortunately Satan is using the institution of sending salaams on Prophet Muhammad (pboh) to cause division amongst the Muslims. There are those who argue against respectively standing to honour Prophet (pboh). Let me ask you all a question; when Allah says that He and His angels are sending salutations upon Muhammad (pboh) are they standing or sitting?

We don’t know so please don’t make this an issue. If you want to stand and sing the praises of Prophet (pboh) do so and pay no heed to those who argue about it. Send as much salutations upon your beloved Messenger (pboh). That will serve you better in the long run rather than arguing.

The other Sunnah of Allah that we are fortunate to engage in is the recitation of His Glorious Words. Hazrat Imam Ghazali (ra) wrote;
‘Fifty thousand years before creation, Allah use to recite Surah Thaahaa and Surah Yaasiin’.

If Allah recited parts of the Qur’an then and we recite it are we not following the Sunnah of Allah? He has blessed us with this great blessing; something which no other creature possesses. This piece of clay has the capacity to recite Allah’s Words. The same Words that if it was to be revealed upon a mountain will cause it to crumble to dust.

As Allah says if He wants anything to be done, regardless of the magnitude, all He has to say is Qun - Be. The sheer power of Qun and it is mentioned so many times in the Qur’an. And the heart of Prophet Muhammad (pboh) was able to able to receive this great Book. When the Qur’an was taken out of Lawh Mahfuth it was impressed in the heart of Prophet (pboh). There was no interference or tampering with it. You may ask if the Qur’an was in Prophet’s (pboh) heart why didn’t he tell the people. Why did he have to wait on angel Gabriel? The reason of this was that Prophet (pboh) never said anything out of his own desire. Everything he said was on the basis of Divine ordination. So dedicated and submissive he was. Can you imagine his personality? This is why Allah says

“Allah did confer a great favour on the believers when He sent among them an apostle from among themselves, rehearsing unto them the Signs of Allah, sanctifying them, and instructing them in Scripture and Wisdom, while, before that, they had been in manifest error” (3:164)

My brothers and sisters when you leave this world as a believer you will go to Paradise insha Allah and leave all your troubles and difficulties behind. So believers shouldn’t be downhearted about death. To me however I’ve come to realized that when I die I wouldn’t have the opportunity to recite the Worlds of Allah in total mind, body and soul. I only possess the capability of reciting the Holy Qur’an in total personality in this world.

We are here for a special purpose; to thank our Lord for sending this great Messenger (pboh). If we can get close to him the better it would be for us. And the only way we can get close to him is by loving him. And in connection to this he says

He is not a true believer until he loves me more than his father, his children and mankind at large.

On this auspicious occasion of Meelad Un Nabi ask yourself how much of the Sunnah of Allah am I upholding and how close am I to Prophet Muhammad (pboh). Just now you will die and one of the questions you will be asked in the grave is “Who is that man”? Ask yourself now how will I be able to recognize the Messenger of Allah (pboh) if I’m not close to him.

Try your best in this world to see him. He is reported to have said ‘whosoever sees me in a dream has really seen me as Satan cannot copy my form’. And there is another narration from the Masheikhs that whoever sees Muhammad (saw) will not go to hell.

Thank Allah for this opportunity to assemble and honour the Beloved of Allah (pboh). But remember one day we will leave this world and our bodies will become food for worms. Make amends now and strengthen your relationship with Allah and His Messenger (pboh).

O Allah, convey blessings and peace always and forever
upon Your Beloved (pboh), the best out of all of Creation.

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