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The manifestation of Kauthar

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّ حِيْمِ

Allah gave Jesus (as) unusual blessings. For example Jesus (as) was able to bring back to life some birds by blowing on its remnants. He once cured someone who had leprosy. Allah gave Moses (as) some unusual blessings in that when he threw the staff it turned into a serpent and swallowed the ones produced by the magicians. Allah fed his followers for 40 years. Moses (as) was able to cross the Red Sea. Allah allowed Jonah (as) to live in the whale’s belly for 3 days and when he came out and he was able to function as usual. So Allah gave all His Messengers (pbot) unique blessings. What did He give Prophet Muhammad (pboh)?

The first thing that might come to mind is the Holy Qur’an. True the Qur’an is indeed a great blessing and miracle but what other blessing was he given. The answer is Kauthar. Kauthar is normally translated as a fountain in Paradise which the inhabitants of Paradise will be given to drink from. But will the believers only get this blessing in the hereafter? Kauthar is more than just a fountain.

Allah gave Prophet (pboh) Kauthar. This means that generosity constantly flows from his blessed personality. And Kauthar is not just reserved for the hereafter. This generosity started the day Prophet came on the earth. And Allah demonstrates this in his seerah.

His journey in this world began with an extremely the poor woman who was given charge to take care of him as an infant. And immediately blessings began flowing from his personality. On the journey back Halima was able to produce enough milk to suckle both her baby and Muhammad (pboh). Something that she was unable to do previously. Her lame camel also started producing milk. Back at her home her pastures were the most fertile. So immediately Kauthar began flowing from his personality to those who were connected to him.

Even today the generosity flows from his blessed personality continues. For example if you were to visit Madinah you would see the physical manifestation of his generosity. Every week accommodations are made for those who keep the optional fast to break their fast in Masjid Nabawi. Hundreds of thousands of believers benefit on a weekly basis.

And we who are thousands of miles away from his resting place can benefit from his generosity if we can connect to him. How can this be done? Through the institution of Darood. The popular Qaseeda har dard a ki dawaa hai emphasizes this point.

Har dard a ki dawaa hai sallay allaa Muhammad
Taweez a har balaa hai salay alla Mugammad

Darood is a positive cure for all aliments. Peace and blessings be on Muhammad

On what authority was this poet able to write that? We find the answer in the ahadith;

Ubai bin Ka’ab (ra) narrates; ‘I said, O Messenger of Allah, I supplicate often, so how much of my supplication should I devote to you? He replied, as you desire. I said, a quarter of it? He said as you desire, but if you were to increase upon this, it would be better for you. I said, half of it? He said, as you desire, but if you were to increase upon this, it would be better for you. I said two-thirds of it? He said again, as you desire, but if you were to increase upon this, it would be better for you. Finally I said, and if I dedicate my supplication in its entirety to you? He said, then your needs will be satisfied, and your sins forgiven’.

If you were to say ‘O Allah bless Muhammad ’ all your difficulties can become easy through the permission of Allah . This is what Kauthar is. By connecting to the personality of Prophet you are sharing in the generosity and blessings that Allah was given him.

Allah is constantly sending blessing to mankind though the personality of Prophet Muhammad (pboh). And if you avail yourself won’t you share in this blessing?

Some of you may be apprehensive and my advice to you is to simply try it. Allah will try you, that is guaranteed. But if you recite darood Allah will provide a way out of your hardships. Perhaps this is why Allah says;

‘Allah did confer a great favour on the believers when He sent among them an apostle from among themselves’. (3:164)

Which has more blessings; a fountain situated in Paradise or the personality of Prophet Muhammad (pboh). Strengthen your relationship with him and you will never regret it. Especially as we are in this blessed month of Rabi ul Awwal, where Allah manifested something of His Generosity by sending the greatest creature ever created with Kautar. The love that Allah has allocated for Prophet Muhammad (pboh) is unbelievable and if you connect to him you will also be able to share in the blessings that are being constantly sent upon him. Silently program yourself to engage in as much darood as possibly and put your faith and trust in Allah .

We thank Allah immensely that we are in the companionship of Prophet Muhammad (pboh) and we beg Him to grant us the ability and desire to send abundant salutations on His Beloved .

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