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The Garden of Eden is different from the Paradise that Allah has promised the believers. In the Garden of Eden there were certain restrictions and certain creatures that had ulterior motives. For example Hazrat Adam and Eve (pbut) were restricted from approaching a particular tree. In the end they both used their freedom to unfortunately commit a mistake. Because impurities are not allowed in the Garden, Adam and Eve (pbut) had to vacate.

Along with them in the Garden was Satan. He had an ulterior motive. He was devotedly worshipping the Lord with the hope that he would have excelled all others and be the highest in rank, nearest to his Maker. But when the test came he displayed his real self and became a cursed one. As he begged for respite, Allah gave him it up to the Day of Judgment.

While still in the Garden of Eden, Adam Eve and Satan were all guilty of disobedience. Adam and Eve repented but Satan did not. So Satan remained a challenge to both of them as he did not accept the fact that they were superior to him in the sight of Allah. This had still to be proven, as he was able to tempt them with his flattering words.

Allah does not want man to be outside the Paradise, which is better than the Garden of Eden, so He selected a level playing field on earth for all and He gave the guidelines for the ascent of man to Paradise.

Satan cannot ascend because when Allah cast him out of the Garden He closed the door of re-entry for all evil. Therefore no evil can go beyond the lower levels of the first sky. So Satan and all those who follow him will never be able to get back up beyond the lower end of the sky nearest the earth.

As this principle is applicable to everything on earth, even the evil deeds of man are kept in a record that is not in the sky. If evil cannot go up then where are the sins of man recorded? Allah gives us the answer in Surah Mutaffifin. He says:

 •             

“Surely the record of the wicked is (preserved) in Sijjin. And what will explain to thee what Sijjin is? (There is) a Register (fully) inscribed.”
(Chapter 83, verse 7-9)

About the recoding of the good deeds of a believer, Allah says that these will be recorded in the skies, (somewhere that is high above). He tells us about this in the Holy Qur'an in the following verse:
 •               
Nay, verily the Record of the righteous is (preserved) in Illiyeen; and what will explain to thee what Illiyeen is; (It is) a Register (fully) inscribed; to which bear witness those nearest (to Allah). (83:18-21)

Allah has created a system where good is recorded in the sky and evil is recorded in a ‘dungeon’. Good and evil cannot mix, even in the process of storing. So that while good is being recorded somewhere in the skies, evil is being kept in a record stored in a dungeon somewhere in the earth in the place called Sijjeen as is mentioned in the Surah quoted above.

The recording of the sins in Sijjeen can be a sort of a blessing for the believers, because since evil is stored in a dungeon the believers have the opportunity of removing them. Remember that Allah says: good removes evil.

So that by doing good and repenting for the mistakes committed, one can send more to the record in the skies and cover more of the mistakes committed. Just like how correcting fluid can hide what was typed on a paper, so too repentance and atonement can cover up mistakes committed. Believers are taught to pray: Allahummas turrnaa bi satrikal jameel. O Allah cover us (i.e. our faults) with a beautiful covering.

On the Day of Judgment when everyone will be resurrected, those who have to collect their record from the dungeon will collect it in their left hand behind their backs and those who will get their record from above will collect it in front of them, in their right hands. After collecting the records, those who will be getting theirs in their right hands will be qualified and will be allowed to enter Paradise.

This world is a testing ground for us. The test comes in the forms of trails and temptations. Some of the trials and temptations come from Satan who has been given the permission by Allah to test the sons and daughters of Adam to see who will follow him (Satan), and who will aspire to return above the skies into the Garden of Paradise. We have to work in order to attain the Paradise Allah has promised us.

Satan is already decreed to enter the hell fire and as such he would try to take as many with him as he can. He will try to divert your focus which should be to go back to Allah and dwell in the Garden. Be cautious and steadfast in order to qualify yourself to attain the promised reward of Allah .

May Allah forgive us and bless us all.

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