Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Good Friday Sermon

By Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed

After praising Allah and sending peace and salutations on His Beloved Messenger, I wish to recite what Allah says in His Holy Words. He says:

If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance (of Allah), Most Gracious, We appoint for him an evil one; to be an intimate companion for him. Such evil ones really hinder them from the Path; but they think that they are being rightly guided. (43:36-37)

We look at past historical events and see how these verses were applicable. Take for example, Pharaoh became so intoxicated with power that he said to the people: I am your lord most high. (79:24) This is because Allah allowed Satan to decorate the material things for him and caused him to forget about the mission of submission.

Also when Lot tried to discourage the people from the evil that they were doing they said: Drive out the followers of Lot from your city; these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure. (27:56) These people were also enticed by Satan to uphold the evil, and allowed themselves to be fooled thinking that what they were doing was right.

Of special importance is the people who are the progeny of Isaac, i.e. the Israelites. Allah had been especially generous to them in many ways. For example:

• He preferred them to all other tribes and nations. (2:47)
• They were delivered from the bondage of Pharaoh. (2:48)
• He separated the sea and allowed them to get safely to the other side. (2:50)
• They were protected from the heat of the sun in the desert. (2:53)
• They were fed by the Lord. (2:57)
• They were offered luxury, comfort and sustenance in a city. (2:60)

In spite of all the favours they kept on rejecting the Message and even slew some of the Messengers. Allah kept sending reminders all the time that they should believe in His Oneness and submit humbly to Him. But they rebelled.

Finally, Allah sent Prophet Jesus as the last of the Israelite Prophets, in a very miraculous way. Jesus had:
• a virgin birth
• he spoke in the cradle
• he displayed wisdom as a youth
• he performed many miracles

The Israelites never listened to his message. This frustrated him very much. He was looked upon as a faith healer, and the people used to go to him to get physical help rather than to listen to the word from God.

All this time the Israelites wanted a king to take them out of the yoke of the Romans, and they decided to make Jesus the king. Because he refused they decided to humiliate him and planned to have him crucified. Allah revealed in the Holy Qur'an about their plot the following verse:

They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but so it was made to appear unto them. (4:159)

When you examine the Biblical recordings of the alleged crucifixion, you will find the following uncertainties:

• Jesus was not carrying the cross to the place of crucifixion
• The place became extremely dark and remained like that for many hours.
• There was a terrible earthquake, which even threw out the dead bodies from the graves.
• All the centurions died, and so there was no one to keep law and order.
• Those who remained after all the turmoil and confusion must have crucified someone.

The question is: Who was the one that was put on the cross? Some Christian scholars believe that it was Judas, who was being punished for his betrayal of his master. Others believe that it was Simon, as he was the one carrying the cross. One thing is certain, and that is, there is no evidence that Jesus was actually taken and put on the cross. Some scholars believe that he ran away and hid in a cave.

Allah made it very clear in the Holy Qur'an that he was not crucified. He says:

For a surety they did not kill him. (4:158)

So today, when you see films and other display of the crucifixion of Jesus, you must understand that it is all part of the mischief of Satan who befriended them and makes the wrong appear as the truth to them.

Islam came to clear up all doubts about such issues. In the very beginning Allah says that there is no doubt in this Book. Because the Qur'an is truth and the words are the Words of Allah, we believe it to be authentic. So when Allah says that they did not kill him that is a fact. However, because He also said and so it appeared to them, the majority of the upholders of the Bible that he was crucified. So Satan has successfully implanted in their minds that belief. May the truth come to light.

We beg Allah to bless us with wisdom and understanding and to keep us on the Straight Path.

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