Friday, 27 March 2009



We praise Allah the Lord of Grace,
Whose Divine presence is in every place,
He is the Lord of Compassion;
This He extends to the whole creation.

He is Loving, Kind and Merciful,
Even to those who are sinful,
His Generosity is always there
To everyone He gives a share.

O Allah, I humbly bow to You,
Submitting fully I am trying to,
Hoping to have on that Day
Forgiveness for sins I pray.

Please, O Lord, let it be,
I be submissive willingly,
Fill my heart with love for good,
And be a part of the Brotherhood.

Hate and malice I detest,
Restraint from harming my guest;
Love and kindness I promote
Service to all I devote.

I know You love me dearly,
As I love the Prophet sincerely,
He's our model I've realised
To show us the way to Paradise.

My body and mind I keep clean
I wish to see him in my dream;
A blessing You gave to believers
Who think about the Hereafter.

Please O Lord, at my end,
Cause the angels to descend,
To take my life peacefully
I wish to dwell in Eternity.

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