Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Life's Journey

Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed

At first I existed unknown,
Before my infancy.
Then I grew flesh and bones
After mom's pregnancy.

It took some time for me to know
Life's not all that you see;
As many things are just for show,
And there're lot of hypocrisy.

I grew up feeling unimportant,
Emotionally I was suffering.
I was treated as an indigent.
In all that was happening.

I worked hard by day and night,
To improve my condition.
I exerted with all my might
To better the situation.

I walked through life's lonely journey,
Undertaking may challenges,
With little help and no money
I stepped through many entrances.

As God's favours began descending
I climbed the ascending stairways,
The down trodden I kept helping
To avoid the dirty pathways.

There're ups and downs in life's journey
For those moving along
Frustrating it can be for many
Some helplessly falling down.

Striving in Paradise to dwell
I carefully tread the path
Avoiding the pitfalls of hell
By purifying my heart.

May God accept the good efforts?
Of all who wish to be;
May He give them Divine Support?
And accept them in Eternity.

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