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Abdul Qadir Jilani

Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A.) was indeed a great worker for Allah and His Deen. He was specially chosen by the Lord to revive true Islam when the Muslims seemed to have diverted their focus from what is required of true believers. They were: busy debating non important issues, like whether the Qur'an was created or not; was it permissible to honour the Prophet (pboh) or not, etc. being attacked by the Crusaders. Indulging in developing "cults", getting involved with Jinns, etc. Corrupt to a large extent.

As a result of the success of his mission and his spiritual elevation, it seems fitting to conclude that he is one of those about whom the Prophet (pboh) spoke about. The Messenger (pboh) is reported to have said the following, as was reported by Muaz bin Jabal. He relates that the Prophet (pboh) said that Allah says:

For those who love one another for the sake of Fear of My Majesty and Magnificence, there will be high seats of light that will be the envy of prophets and martyrs (for them in the Hereafter). (Tirmizi)

Shaikh Jilani (R.A.) was:

· A wealthy man.
· A learned Muslim.
· A highly spiritually disciplined person.
· Dedicated to the service of humanity.
· Very humble.
· Kept a close watch on his ego, e.g. he was about to wear a new beautiful shirt, so he tore it then patch it then wore it; that was because he did not want to feel happy with his
new shirt. ·
He had complete reliance on Allah and knew that Allah was everything for him.

Some of the things he taught were:

· A person should try not to swear by Allah, unless it is absolutely necessary. If he can
avoid doing this, Allah will open the door of His light for him and he will bec0me a
good person.
· A person should avoid telling lies whether in jest or earnest; and practice self control.
· A person should always try to keep his promise, and if he cannot do so he should cease
making promises altogether.
· A person should avoid cursing anything in the realm of creation; he should try not to hurt
anyone or anything.
· A person should avoid invoking evil on others, on even the one who has wronged him.
· A person should try to avoid labelling a believer as a polytheist
· A person should refrain from contemplating or indulging in sinful offences.
· A person should try not to lay burdens on anyone or any creature.
· A person should not expect anyone to satisfy his greed for material things.
· A person should try to be humble at all times.
(Details of the explanations can be found in Futuh Al Ghaib)

One of the great teachings of this elevated Shaikh is that he was able to revive the believers' understanding that the role of Prophet Muhammad (pboh) was not only to receive the Qur'an on behalf of the Muslims, but he the Prophet (pboh) is still active in bestowing gifts (called Salaat) on all the believers who indulge in sending gifts (Salaat and salaams) upon him. This can be understood if one understands what is meant in the Hadith reported by Ubayy. He went to the Prophet (pboh) and had a dialogue with the Messenger (pboh) as follows:

O Messenger of Allah, I send a lot of Salaat upon you, how much of my prayer should be Salaat upon you? The Prophet (pboh) replied: Whatever you want. I said: a quarter. He said: Whatever you want, but if you increase it, it would be better for you. I said: A half: He said: Whatever you want, but if you increase it, it will be better for you. I said: Two thirds. He said: Whatever you want, but if you increase it, it will be better for you. I said: Should I make the whole prayer for you? He said: this will be sufficient to release your distress and earn you forgiveness for your sins.

The Prophet (pboh) is reported to have said:

When any of you supplicates, let him start by Praising Allah and Glorifying Him; may He be Exalted; then let send Salaat upon the Prophet, and after that let him make supplication as he wishes.

A person should always keep in mind that Allah and the Angels are sending a gift called Salaat on the Prophet (pboh). As he is not a selfish person he distributes this gift to all those who select to send Salaat on him. So every time a person says Allahumma sallay alaa Muhammadin, Prophet Muhammad (pboh) gives to that person something of the Gift that Allah and His Angels are giving to him.

Abdul Qaadir Jilani taught his disciples to supplicate by praising Allah and then sending Salaat on the Prophet (pboh) before requesting the Lord for anything. We find a very good example of his teachings in this matter in his Darood e akseer e Azaam.

Inshah Allah it will be translated and published, but to give an example of how the Shaikh made his supplication, he used to say:

Allahumma sallay alaa Muhammadin salaatan taghfiru bihaa zunuubanaa.
O Allah send Salaat on Muhammad, and through this gift may You forgive us for our sins.

The message given by this great Shaikh was so effective that thousands accepted Islam, the Muslim Ummah revived their spiritual focus, they desisted from taking help from any (Jinns, etc.) creature, but turned directly to the Lord in prayer, they learnt to respect and love the Prophet (pboh) and underwent all the training for the purpose of controlling their nafs.

Even today the teaching of this great Shaikh is held in high esteem and the spiritual students of the Qadriyah Order recognise the connection he still maintains with all those who are aspiring to get close to Allah and His Rasul by cultivating humility and patience.

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